The AT-1 and AT-101 are faithful recreations of the original Fairchild 660 & 670 mono and stereo limiters. Both limiters are built using traditional point-to-point wiring methods with standard turret component mounts. The audio paths and power supplys are completely free from any printed circuit boards. Both units are like the original Fairchilds which have been assembled completely by hand. All units use high quality modern components. The tube complements are exactly the same, using the new generation 6386 remote cut-off triodes developed to replace the original 50 year old tube types many of which were used in the originals

Whilst all models are the same as the originals there have been a few minor changes to the front panel with options available for the stereo units which include Lateral/Vertical switching, stepped AC threshold and full bypass. The Lat/Vert control has been included in a 3 position switch for stereo link IN/OUT positons the normal Lat/vert functions perform exactly as in the original units. The CVT transformer option is standard on all units this is a world-wide transformer for a regulated heater voltage of the critical 6386 tubes during operation. There is a regulated 5amp DC option available. Finally a simple electronic traffic light system monitoring temperature has been added.

The AT-1 mono limiter comes fitted with; stepped AC threshold, External Key input, Stereo Link and Bypass all as standard. Colours optional

All production models come with a choice of front panel colours finished in enamel

original parts in the original box nothing comes close to it!